China for Chinese: You Can Now Have Two+ Children

Source: By Alieh Saadatpour (via flickr)


The controversial one-child policy which China slapped on its citizens is now abolished.
According to the state-owned Xinhua news agency, Beijing has finally decided to bag down and allow couples to have two children.
The punitive policy introduced in the year 1979 was meant to curb runaway population growth rate.
Since its introduction, the controversial one-child policy is believed to have blocked the births of about 400 million. However, pressure to alter this policy arose due to Chinese aging populace.
The policy was so gruel that any couple who violated it was subjected to various dehumanizing punishments including fines, termination of employment as well as forced abortions
After some time, some Chinese provinces decided to relax the noose as sociologist and demographers raised the alarm over decreasing worker population and spiking social costs.
Source: By Eduardo (via flickr)
Today, about 30% of the entire Chinese population is comprised of people aged 50 and above. The Central Committee of the Communist Party said the move was to balance the development across the 1.36 billion Chinese.

Caitlyn Jenner: Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year

Source: By Jackie Willis

Creativity has over the years been prized in American society. However, it’s never really been understood. It’s not often that influential women like Caitlyn Jenner would fail to appear in the honorary lineup of year 2015.

‘Glamour Magazine’ is set to bestow the former Olympian with a ‘transgender Champion’ crown on November 9th.  At the beginning of the year, the 66-year old celebrity came out openly to declare that she was transgender.

Speaking on behalf of LGBT community, Caitlyn Jenner took the opportunity to comment on the transgender issue. She reiterated that the very issue of transgender had over time been swept under the carpet.

Source: By Jackie Willis

She did, however, revealed that she was excited and looking forward to an exciting future. Caitlyn Jenner will be crowned during the 25th Anniversary Women of the Year Award which will take place in New York City.

Others in the lineup include designer Victoria Beckham, actress Reese Witherspoon and the United States women soccer team. Jenner celebrated her 66thbirthday this week on Tuesday.

Kenyan Registered Plane Crashes in South Somalia

Source: Daily Nation

A Dornier DO-328 aircraft bearing Kenyan registration crashed in a remote location to the south of Mogadishu. African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) had hired the aircraft to ferry some material belonging to AMISOM.
The governor of Lower Shabelle Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur Sidee did confirm that indeed the plane had crashed in Afgoye district on Wednesday, October 28th 2015.

The AMISOM-chartered plane was destined for a formerly military Balidogle airstrip. This airstrip is 11 kilometers to the south of Mogadishu. Sources said the aircraft departed from Nairobi earlier on Wednesday

Al-Shabaab  Militia

Some unconfirmed reports show that some Al-shabaab loyalists took control of the scene and tried to conceal the plane using tree branches and leaves.

There was no information yet regarding casualties. News from unreliable sources reported that the Al-shabaab militant had captured 12 members of the crew and whisked them away from the scene of the crash. Their whereabouts and identities are yet to be established.

Governor Sidee confirmed that both AMISOM and Somali troops had been dispatched to the area in order to pursue and secure the aircraft.

Thumbs Up for UhuRuto’s Kenya As Raila is Shamed

Source: The Star
It is not enough to say President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are perennial rueful ninjas of the subconscious for the opposition parties. Kenya’s economy seems to be looking up in the eyes of World Bank. But is looking up because it is lying flat on its back-in the eyes of IMF which suggests that the government should retrench 40,000 civil servants for it to rise up
The endless fascinating swirl of accusations from the former Prime Minister Hon. Raila Odinga that Kenya’s economy is headed for the rocks has boomeranged to him again.

The archer is none other than the World Bank manager Rita Ramalho who rated Kenya as being among the top ten nations in the world to have made notable improvements in cutting off bureaucratic red tape in doing business.

Even as President Uhuru Kenyatta is headed to India to attend the 3rd India-Africa Forum summit this week, the World Bank says Kenya gained better rating in 2015 mainly because of four major regulatory reforms namely; registration of assets, startup business, accessing loans and expansion of electrical power supply.
So then, what’s Raila Odinga up to? Being a politician, he can shift on his axis only so many times but for goodness sake; can Raila present facts at least to back up his outbursts against Jubilee’s administration? Being a policy maker, Raila Odinga ought to be concerned about revealing the actual deficit in many sectors of the economy and he’ll get credit for that.
Kenya’s media and the popular mind seem to think that the politicians and political parties make a huge difference compared to what goes on behind the scene every day. That’s comforting in some ways because Kenyan politicians are often judged on the condition of the country rather than on the elegance of their leadership.
But for UhuRuto administration, the economy is still weak no matter how much goodies fly in the face of World Bank. And that’s weirdly chilling!

KCSE Exam Leaks: Who Bears the Shame-Blame?

Source: by DN

I have stopped reading news about Jacob Kaimenyi for the same reason I tune out the frequent updates about Kenya’s economic slump. They are too damned depressing.

The arrest of two police officers in Kilifi plus over 70 students who are alleged to have played a role in KCSE exam leakage is not about to sooth anyone’s ears. Jacob Kaimenyi should own up to the mess in his department and stop playing to the gallery.

It is not enough to report that many of the culprits have been charged in court. What is the root cause of all this? What was the objective? Heads ought to roll at KNEC if not the entire ministry.

That the police unwrapped the exam containers, got snaps of them using their cell phones is something to ponder about. The syndicate must have involved several people right from KNEC, the police and eventually to the students

Perhaps Kaimenyi or someone at KNEC should tell Kenyans who and how exams are prepared and protected before it arrives at the exam centers. All mobile phone handsets are registered under their respective owners. Who sent the first snap through whatsapp and to whom? Once the chain is established, why not punish the source?

According to Kaimenyi, neither the ministry of education nor KNEC are to blame for exam leakage. He should throw off his chains and perform his maverick dance once more. It is Kaimenyi’s conventional interpretation.

The parliamentary committee blamed the police for the massive leakage of national exams while at the same time the police spokesperson Mr. Charles Owino made a rejoinder to the contrary. He absolved the police from any blame at all. So, are we saying nothing happened?

Meanwhile, no pictures or evidence has been released to indicate that the culprits have actually been punished according to the laws of the land. I am inclined to believe that Kaimenyi’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is a matter of his physical decline. Age is gradually catching up with him.

Kaimenyi’s powerful sense of dishonour is a surmise based on long term observations rather than hard evidence. To me, Kaimenyi seems to bear an unacknowledged burden. If I had to guess, I would say his burden was his shame over his poor handling of the recent teacher’s countrywide strike. His awful choice of logic fractures his sense of honour in extraordinary ways

When Kaimenyi succumbed to scrubbing school ranking in national exams and signed a confession of sycophancy, Jacob attempted suicide. If, as I suspect, Kaimenyi relieves his 2015 experience as a Cabinet Secretary coupled with shame on the scale of these KCSE irregularities, he cannot simply apologize to Kenyans.