China for Chinese: You Can Now Have Two+ Children

Source: By Alieh Saadatpour (via flickr)


The controversial one-child policy which China slapped on its citizens is now abolished.
According to the state-owned Xinhua news agency, Beijing has finally decided to bag down and allow couples to have two children.
The punitive policy introduced in the year 1979 was meant to curb runaway population growth rate.
Since its introduction, the controversial one-child policy is believed to have blocked the births of about 400 million. However, pressure to alter this policy arose due to Chinese aging populace.
The policy was so gruel that any couple who violated it was subjected to various dehumanizing punishments including fines, termination of employment as well as forced abortions
After some time, some Chinese provinces decided to relax the noose as sociologist and demographers raised the alarm over decreasing worker population and spiking social costs.
Source: By Eduardo (via flickr)
Today, about 30% of the entire Chinese population is comprised of people aged 50 and above. The Central Committee of the Communist Party said the move was to balance the development across the 1.36 billion Chinese.

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