Kenyan Registered Plane Crashes in South Somalia

Source: Daily Nation

A Dornier DO-328 aircraft bearing Kenyan registration crashed in a remote location to the south of Mogadishu. African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) had hired the aircraft to ferry some material belonging to AMISOM.
The governor of Lower Shabelle Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur Sidee did confirm that indeed the plane had crashed in Afgoye district on Wednesday, October 28th 2015.

The AMISOM-chartered plane was destined for a formerly military Balidogle airstrip. This airstrip is 11 kilometers to the south of Mogadishu. Sources said the aircraft departed from Nairobi earlier on Wednesday

Al-Shabaab  Militia

Some unconfirmed reports show that some Al-shabaab loyalists took control of the scene and tried to conceal the plane using tree branches and leaves.

There was no information yet regarding casualties. News from unreliable sources reported that the Al-shabaab militant had captured 12 members of the crew and whisked them away from the scene of the crash. Their whereabouts and identities are yet to be established.

Governor Sidee confirmed that both AMISOM and Somali troops had been dispatched to the area in order to pursue and secure the aircraft.

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