Thumbs Up for UhuRuto’s Kenya As Raila is Shamed

Source: The Star
It is not enough to say President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are perennial rueful ninjas of the subconscious for the opposition parties. Kenya’s economy seems to be looking up in the eyes of World Bank. But is looking up because it is lying flat on its back-in the eyes of IMF which suggests that the government should retrench 40,000 civil servants for it to rise up
The endless fascinating swirl of accusations from the former Prime Minister Hon. Raila Odinga that Kenya’s economy is headed for the rocks has boomeranged to him again.

The archer is none other than the World Bank manager Rita Ramalho who rated Kenya as being among the top ten nations in the world to have made notable improvements in cutting off bureaucratic red tape in doing business.

Even as President Uhuru Kenyatta is headed to India to attend the 3rd India-Africa Forum summit this week, the World Bank says Kenya gained better rating in 2015 mainly because of four major regulatory reforms namely; registration of assets, startup business, accessing loans and expansion of electrical power supply.
So then, what’s Raila Odinga up to? Being a politician, he can shift on his axis only so many times but for goodness sake; can Raila present facts at least to back up his outbursts against Jubilee’s administration? Being a policy maker, Raila Odinga ought to be concerned about revealing the actual deficit in many sectors of the economy and he’ll get credit for that.
Kenya’s media and the popular mind seem to think that the politicians and political parties make a huge difference compared to what goes on behind the scene every day. That’s comforting in some ways because Kenyan politicians are often judged on the condition of the country rather than on the elegance of their leadership.
But for UhuRuto administration, the economy is still weak no matter how much goodies fly in the face of World Bank. And that’s weirdly chilling!

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