This Gigantic World Map Took This Man 25 Years to Built

Source: Visual News

The shore of Lake Klejtrup in Denmark is home to the largest self-made world map in history. The 4,000m2 walk-able map is landscaped from soil, stones and grass. The name behind this creation- Søren Poulsen, spent quarter of a century of his entire life to complete the awesome world map.

Søren Poulsen was inspired to build the map in 1943 while he worked on drainage for meadows around Lake Klejtrup. On his discovery of a Jutland-shaped stone, Poulsen decided to build his own version of the world map. He obtained several other materials from the neighbouring areas. The project began in 1944 and was accomplished in 1969.

Poulsen utilized his free time, mostly during the months of winter when he could roll huge stones onto the frozen Lake Klejtrup. This allowed the thaw during spring to settle and hold them down in the mud underneath. 

Source: visual News

The total area covered by the entire map measure 90 meters by 45 meters. It is built precisely to scale including latitudes and longitudes on the map.

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