Deadly: Hell Presents Its Sample Specimen via Mt. Etna-Sinners Take Note!

Source: By Macroft


 It was on December 3rd when Mt. Etna, situated in Italy’s southern island of Sicily erupted in a display of Might and power.
It is doubtful, for instance, that a contemporary mother nature could send such brimstone of fire several kilometers into the heavens for no reason. And in doing so, a 21st century scientist would free himself up to complete some unfinished business, terming such catastrophic incident as mere volcanic activity.
I am not being infallible, omniscient but I am only trying to be just with my assessment of Mother Nature. Conservative scientists should go beyond science of volcanism. For example, what or how does hell look like? I am not in a position to judge whether hell is real or philosophical. If the former be the case, what does the like of Etna’s gush portend for sinners or Christians for that matter?
Remnants of Etna’s vomit covered several villages with thick lava ash, causing temporary closure of one of the biggest airports on mainland Italy.
Source: By Francesco (via Flickr)
This year’s eruption came after a two-year volcanic ceasefire, sending a gigantic plume of volcanic brimstone several miles into the sky. This caused astonishing hellish lightning to streak menacingly through the “dirty thunderstorm” ash-cloud.

Scientists opine that such phenomena are caused by a mixture of fragmented rock, ice and ash that violently rub on each other to generate static electricity.

The Voragine crater spewed the bulk of the massive spectacular plume that rocked the skyline. Voragine is Etna’s central crater that was formed way back in 1945. The latest eruption was a culmination of gradual build-up from early 2014.

It is not wrong for scientists to keep searching for answers beneath the archaic records, only that they are learning the wrong ones. My take!

Source: By Francesco (via Flickr)

Mother Nature is a difficult icon for humans to understand. Read the Bible. Seek for divine revelation and you will understand why Mt.Etna did what it must do. If it was foretold, then it was scheduled, Right?

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