Killing Jesus: Why the 3.7 Million Breakthrough?

That the National Geographic channel recorded the highest number of viewership in history (3.7 million strong) is but an understatement. The title of the movie “Killing Jesus”, from Bill O’Reilly’s adaptation book and, its timely release during this period when Catholics are going through the holy week might have been crafted to achieve what laity might not comprehend.


Let’s hope and we all can only hope that the film being aired on Nat Geo Mundo will not spark off religious dissent such as to create controversy. The movie is schedule to premier on 171 television stations worldwide. Fox news TV channel will run a repeat of the same episode during Good Friday and at of Easter Monday. Already the showing of the movie has elicited different reactions on a number of online forums.

History of Lent

Tidbit: Lent, a word that was derived from Anglo-Saxon –lencten, which means ‘Spring’ whereas ‘lenctentid’ carries the literal meaning of ‘Springtide’ which means March, the month where most Lent activities take place.

Lent refer to a period that’s unswervingly devoted to prayer, sacrifice, good works and penance in preparation towards Easter celebrations. The constitution by Vatican Council II on ‘the sacred Liturgy’ states thus, that there are two distinct characteristics of Lent, i.e. penance and the preparation or re-calling of baptism which ought to be emphasized through both liturgy and liturgical catechesis. This is adhered to with the desire of renewing the liturgical traditions of the Church as well as devoting more time in praying. Through the liturgical practices, the Church prepares its followers for Easter celebrations. 

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