Raila Odinga’s Internal Memo: Tidbits to Consider

The many ills in the UhuRuto government, many of which are visible only to Raila Odinga seem to overwhelm him most of the time. After being fed with teargas and other such airburger flavors, Raila headed to Maasai land where he urged the local resident to reject Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy come next year’s elections.
Source : By T. Maruko via flickr


Although it may not be possible to overcome daily stresses, you can actually learn to manage them in an effective manner. Being overwhelmed repeatedly often lead to chronic stress. Raila has been unable to topple IEBC from office through whatever means. Now he was in Narok over this week to unleash venom and remind the Maasai of Jubilee’s unfulfilled promises. To many, Raila is apparently overwhelmed by the government’s inability to act on his concerns.
I would like to offer Raila some crucial tips that would allow him to see the beauty of life even when he’s operating under difficult circumstances. This is how”
  • ·         Tidbit One: If you cannot control the political storm, then stop trying. Calm yourself instead and the storm will pass away.


Your life may seem like a cyclic rat race, so do not forget to put aside some time for yourself. It is up to you to create a calm environment in you and in your home. By doing so, you ward off any stress that attempts to pierce the tranquility established within you.
  • ·         Tidbit Two: It is the norm for men to be knocked down every now and again in life. Getting up and soldering on is a choice.


Oftentimes, you may not be able to control what happens to you. However, you can take charge on how you react to it. Election victory was snatched from you in 2007, so you were knocked down. You do not have to remain there but let life run the show. You must get up and hit back because it is the only way you can keep moving on in life.
  • ·         Tidbit Three: If you want a peaceful life, then respond less often to negativity.


In order to stop being overwhelmed, perhaps the answer lies in what you usually focus on. More often than not, whatever you focus on and pay much attention to tends to expand such that it reigns in your mind most of the time. As a politician of your stature, you have the capability to create your reality. It begins with the thoughts you entertain and what you expend your energy on.
  • ·         Tidbit Four: Do not be stressed with what you have no control over. Approach life one day at a time.


Getting overwhelmed often implies that you are not focusing on the current issues. With or without stolen elections, you cannot change the past. You may not control the future either; but you can do your best to create a conducive experience in the present.
Meanwhile, trust yourself; you survived a lot and can withstand whatever that comes your way. When a win is missed, a landslide victory is coming.

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