Recently Discovered “Mirosoft Paint”could be a UFO:

Source: Daily Star


An odd alien-looking creature has stunned researchers and scientists and the general public alike. The researchers involved in the Deep Sea mission described the jelly fish as looking like scifi-fi movies as opposed to typical sea life.
The creature was discovered several thousands of feet beneath the water surface. Owing to its semblance of a terrestrial UFO, scientist have given it the name “Microsoft Paint”
The jellyfish with a fluorescent color has spider-like tentacles.
The findings were uncovered by scientists at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration located in West Pacific.
A scientist say the animal belongs to a genus called Crossota and was found residing 2.3 miles deep below sea level at Challenger Deep area of Pacific.
Source: Daily Star
Challenger Deep is the lowest ebb at Mariana Trench, some 36,000 feet below the sea waters.
Due to its physical characteristics-more of artistic than real life form; the scientists gave it the name Microsoft Paint. It actually looks like something drawn using MS Paint program on your laptop.
The researchers were able to unearth this discovery with the aid of a remotely controlled vehicle.

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