Kalonzo Musyoka Chickens out of 2017 Presidential Race: Prefers to Be a Sweeper

Kalolonzo Musyoka’s declaration that he would rather take a sweeper’s offer at state house rather than contest against Raila Odinga gave meaning to one of the most quoted observations by Steinbeck John that ‘a journey is like a marriage. The definite way to be wrong is to think you can control it’
source:By Mwaura via Flickr
Just five years ago, Kalonzo Musyoka was enjoying his golden moments as retired President Kibaki’s deputy.
Kalonzo had since riveted the hopes of Ukambani people with him being the community’s torch bearer on the road to State House. That hope was heralded throughout the Moi regime where Kalonzo was the favorite “good boy” to the then president Daniel arap Moi.
Following his hilarious predictions in the 2007 elections  about “kupita katikati” (passing in between) Raila and Kibaki during the contest; Kalonzo was seen as the heir apparent to inherit the reins of power after Kibaki.
Unfortunately, Kenya’s politics have since metamophorsized from dynastic patronage to competitive playing field. The politics of the day have gradually changed as are still evolving. The ‘dirty game’ is getting more silted by the day.
Kalonzo, being the good gentleman that he is, has never been tainted even in the middle of those involved in the perpetual miasma of corruption. He is a born again Christian, a factor that perhaps has contributed to his outstanding character. The author of this page is not privy to Kalonzo’s wealth hence cannot say how much he is worth.
The election of 2007 and the events that followed thereafter played into the hands of Kalonzo Musyoka. He found himself being appointed the Vice President in a concocted coalition that ruled the country until Uhuru Kenyatta took over. Based on the political realignments that are beginning to emerge, Kalonzo seems to want to retire from politics.
This is May 2017, way too far from August 2017 when elections will kick off. Yet, Kalonzo throws in the towel, long before the jostling begins.  The fact that Kalonzo for now has no elective post does not mean he is politically unviable to the people of Ukambani and Kenyans at large. He has endeared himself to many across the country.
A day in politics is too long, and many things can take place. Kalonzo’s early exit from the presidential race seems to many people as a sign of cowardice. He is not ready to fight to wade through the political murky waters.
Why should Kalonzo be willing to play second fiddle; remains a riddle to many of his supporters. Outside Ukambani, Kalonzo is perceived as Mr. Clean, particularly among the Christian fraternity but inside his wiper party, grumbling amid discontent is rife.
The people of Ukambani are now forced to look another way; in search for one who can perhaps be brave enough to fight his or her way to State House. However, the road to State House is often pegged on performance.
The current Governor of Machakos County, Mr. Alfred Mutua would have been the best fit to run for presidency come 2017. However, reactions to his performance contract as the governor shows that he’s got the right idea-politically at least. But, the political pundits in the county have been eager to see Mutua declare his stance as the political realignment season is here.
Governor Mutua is yet to put his County’s fiscal house in order, with corruption allegations coupled with perennial infighting between him, his deputy and several MCAs being in sharp focus. It remains to be seen whether Raila Odinga’s other co principal Mr. Moses Wetangula will also choose to apply for a subordinate job at State House if Rail makes it to the presidency in the coming elections.

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