Trending Visor Sunglasses: Tidbits You Need To Know

Visor sunglasses provide shade and offers great protection against the harmful sun rays. The sun visors are designed to give you a cool experience and a simple put on and put off. If you are a fan for sports such as tennis and golf, then Visor Sunglasses are the best choice for you. The visors are excellent in shading your face and eyes during long hour outdoor events.

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When shopping for Visor Sunglasses, ensure that you are fairly comfortable on them. Different people have varying tastes. Others go for visors with back straps similar to those of ordinary glasses but you may find this particular visor uncomfortable. It is therefore advisable to try on various models of sun visors to find an excellent fit. Other important feature to factor in is the frequency and activities with which you will put on your visor. The slide-on style is the favorite choice for those engaging in leisure events such as visiting a zoo, amusement parks or beaches. The style is perfect for those who do not want to spoil their hairstyles. However, if you want to play your game while the visor is on, then a strapped sun visor is a good choice.

Another consideration to put in place when choosing a fitting sun-visor is ensuring that the size and the shape of the bill on the visor, offers maximum shade on your eyes and nose. While your Sun visor sunglasses keeps off unnecessary sun rays, it is also necessary to use a little sunscreen to achieve complete protection. Visor sunglasses come in various materials and colors.



Sneek-Peek At Travel Tips About Burgundy

Beautiful Burgundy province is not only renowned for its wines, gastronomy and rich cultural heritage but offers more astounding scenic destinations worth exploring. Arguably, it is France’s richest region endowed with remarkable architectural buildings, castles and beautiful villages. Additionally, Holiday rentals in Burgundy comprise unique Romanesque architecture that allows visitors to enjoy every moment of their stay.

Visitor Info Tips
There are many more ways to explore burgundy. More than 40 harbours dot along its 1000 Kilometers of navigable shoreline. Indeed, Burgundy offers numerous transit points as well as link major cities and attraction sites. The popularity of Wine Tourism is ever growing with organised balloon flights over vineyards being offered as visitor package, courtesy of Holiday properties in Burgundy.
Morvan Regional Park is a land undulated with stunning landscapes, beauty so awesome that its coveted rarity is officially protected. A number of lakes abound within the region.  Planned groupings and families have a chance to take part in a number of water sports such as boating and fishing. The park is home to abundant wildlife punctuated by historic monuments.
Dijon, the region’s administrative capital basks in rich cultural lifestyle and, is a must-visit destination by enthusiasts of art. The city enjoys vibrant economy and is globally renowned for gastronomical delights. The city’s most valuable artistic treasures can be viewed at the Palais des Ducs. Dijon is 315 kilometers East of Paris, about 3 hours drive by car. Major towns include Beaune, Calais and Lyon.
Like the rest of Western Europe, Burgundy’s weather fluctuates with fine cold winters and warm summers. Summer temperatures average about 19 degrees Celsius.

How To Rock And Be Safe On Stage

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When it comes to “bringing ‘em back alive” no one shines like celebrity singers. From the local car lot to ships at Sea, singers know how to bring live to their audiences from almost anywhere. Celebrities know that one effective way to differentiate them from the breath-taking competition is to be seen outside in the community. This often means performing from outside the traditional studio setting.

Stage Performance: Celebrity Vulnerability
That sensual dressing, raunchy dance gyrations, plus suggestive lyrics are perfect tag-lines for selling sex. This catalytic package, as some might argue seems to expose the performing icons to the adrenaline-charged or better still, testosterone-charged male enthusiasts. That said, another query begs; how much fan attention can be regarded as excessive? One of Kenya’s celebrated female singers-Avril did find herself on the receiving end during her performance at Maasai Mara University. Highly charged male fans not only fondled her butt but took selfies with it. “Gosh, Maasai Mara University students showed me things” Avril quipped. While speaking to Zuqka, she did admit that the Mara University incident was not an isolated one.
It is not uncommon to find one or two electrified fans jumping onto stage due to excitement. This is expected but it can easily turn nasty if it’s not handled well; more so if the celebrity artiste is a female. It is thus, incumbent upon the event organizers to provide adequate security around the performing artiste. For one, it is not easy to manage a huge crowd. Secondly, it is unbecoming to touch someone, especially during such open shows without their consent. For instance, a female singer might be engaged and is looking forward to their wedding. Avril is one example and she admits her fiancé really gets infuriated when fans opt to take advantage of the situation to touch her inappropriately. Had it not been his fiancé’s maturity, perhaps things might have turned otherwise.
Having been tutored on stage by her fan’s behaviour, Avril admitted to having learnt key survival techniques while on stage. She has learnt to talk and calm them down whenever the situation threatens to go out of hand. The Maasai Mara University incident springs forth the fact that female artistes are indeed vulnerable, more so while performing ‘live’ on stage.

  • ·         Beyonce: In her recent visit to Sweden, she found herself in a similar saga. While performing in Denmark Beyonce was forced to ward off one of the fans who slapped her butt while making advances. She had mingled with fans while pelting out her single ‘irreplaceable’. She reacted by warning the charged fan; “I’ll have you escorted out right now, alright?”

  • ·         Rihanna: Rihanna’s recent show in the UK was yet another scene of celebrity vulnerability on stage. It is reported that she had to use a microphone to smack one of the electrified fans who refused to let go of her hand. Rihanna was performing her hit song, ‘we found love’.

Female celebrities, irrespective of where they are asked to perform will at one time be faced with unruly adrenaline-charged fans. Some of these fans consider them object of their desires. A number of artistes interviewed acknowledge that fans will always want to demand beyond what is written on the entry ticket.

What The Heck Nissan Rogue Is Up To?


 It is finally here! 2017 Nissan Rogue is once again your perfect SUV. It is highly expected to car-walk the floors of major showrooms by autumn 2016. It is a virtual duplicate of 2014 Nissan Rogue dotted with few fresh features. It comes with a no- nonsense cabin layout and boasts a solid-build quality
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Body Features


2017 Nissan Rogue is not accompanied by any extreme change except for a few minor alterations to give it a new look and feel. The new Nissan Rogue will retain the basic shape and dimensions of the current model. However, it is expected to wield unequalled interior upgrade with minimal mechanical changes.


A keen eye will spot its unique grille appearance, a much fancier aero body and the non-standard 18-inch alloy wheels. Current and previous models have 16-17 inch wheels. 2017 Nissan Rogue will be powered by the current 2.5 liter Four-Cylinder(4V) single engine of 170 horsepower and 175 pound feet of torque. Towing capacity will remain at 1500 pounds. It will use a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) gearbox for rapid acceleration. The new 2017 Nissan Rogue crossover will bank on a newly fitted suspension to cushion against bumps, acute corners and give you the cruise of your life. Front-wheel drive and All-wheel drive will carve out the new model from the rest.


2017 Nissan Rogue will carry a cool upgraded leathered interior loaded with numerous features including the most recent technological breakthroughs; Bluetooth connection, navigation system and key-less unlocking and ignition. It will also display xenon headlamps and rear-view camera. Its navigation system is very simple to use unlike in other Nissan Models. If you think you will continue littering around then learn to stop because the new Nissan Rogue has been designed to handle all your cargo and garbage. It comes with centrally placed console bins and a cargo-bay organizer among other unique handling and disposal features.


Safety Features


2017 Nissan Rogue will continue to allay fears of road uncertainties by embedding its safety policies in its design. The front-wheel drive will counter traction and off-line slipping while all-wheel drive will pull out the Rogue in messy grounds. An installed anti-skid system will prevent swerving. And, anti-lock four-wheel disc brakes will come in handy during emergency halts. Side airbags will cushion you from side collisions and in case of a sudden rollover.




The anticipated 2017 Nissan Rogue is already strategical on how to march along its colleagues; Subaru Forester, Ford Escape and Honda CR-V. Subaru Forester is very stable with a huge cargo and passenger volume. Ford Escape has a dull interior but boasts unusual tech intricacy; it can simply auto park. Honda CR-V has been dragging behind in terms of innovation. However, Honda is at an advanced stage to deliver a complete makeover of 2007 Vintage CR-V.


2017 Nissan Rogue will definitely rock your world.


Things Your Friend Doesn’t Tell You about Your Spouse

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When you write an article that’s related to relationship like this one, you are bound to receive a lot of topic-specific emails or comments with many people wanting to learn more about relationship issues. In a weekly magazine that I write for, I do receive numerous enquiries regarding my opinion on relationship column. Most of these emails are about genuine relationship concerns while some are outright gross.
Recently, I did receive an email from a lady who enquired whether it was appropriate to inform her friend that her husband was secretly cheating on her. The lady claimed to have enough evidence-though she did not elaborate. I was tempted, in fact compelled by my natural instinct to tell her to proceed and reveal it to the friend (I mean, that’s precisely what I would do if I was in her shoes). Furthermore, that’s what I would expect of my best friend to do for me.
The Burden of Truth
It dawned on me that the ‘telling it out’ to the friend was not as simple as it sounds. For one, you need to provide tangible evidence. So what was it? Did the lady find her friend’s husband with another woman sipping a drink? She would also be asked to provide evidence if she saw them walk into a lodging or, whether she saw them holding hands. Talk of walking the tight rope-this is it!
Well, perhaps she saw them holding hands; so what? Have you at any one time felt like the best way to communicate a point effectively would be through some kind of body language? (Forgive me because that sounds as lame as a duck-even to me) although holding hands is never counted as evidence unless the body language proves otherwise.
Di you say you saw them enter a lodging? Now, come to think of it; seeing them walk into a pub or lodging isn’t so cool, but maybe they were going to meet a friend who is an employee in that lodging or perhaps they were going to meet someone to seal a deal on a business opportunity.
Mind-Boggling Swivels
You know as much as I do that many things do take place in a lodging-good and bad, including illicit sex. Or do you still insist that seeing them taking a drink is enough evidence? I am inclined to say no. According to me, the most innocent of the three alleged evidence is having a drink. For one, there may have been a third party involved who was yet to arrive or had already left the scene. Furthermore, do you know of anyone who has never shared a drink with somebody of the opposite sex who’s not necessarily a lover or a prospective one?
Sampling evidence in such matters is an extremely delicate affair. You need to nap them in the act or capture them on camera while at it. There are a number of reasons for this:
  • Word for word: If and when asked to table evidence, it will be your word against his.
  • Change of heart: Your good friend may opt to support her husband for two reasons: One is because she trusts her man and secondly, she might conclude that girls are malicious. For these reasons, your friend may decide to dump you in the ‘malicious recycle bin’.
  • Intruding Suspect: Your friend might actually suspect you of being jealous of her marriage and that you want to scuttle it. If she does, that would surely be her husband’s defense stronghold when confronted.
One thing that’s very crucial to consider prior to breaking the news to her is-with or without tangible evidence you should be ready to end your friendship-yes, with your best friend. After all, the truth will certainly set you free; although that new-found freedom might set you free- away from your dear friend.
Some people around you may not believe that you were the bearer of the bad news. Since they are just but human (bound to err), they have to look for somewhere to direct their anger. That “somewhere” might turn out to be you. They may not hate you then, but later on and every time they see you, they will be reminded of a bad incident in their lifetime. Surely, it won’t be business as usual anymore.
Try recalling a relationship which you thought was abusive. Ever wondered why some people still go back for more? To all of us, is it really an easy option to make while someone is making hell out of your life? I tend to be inclined to believe this: That whenever two individuals have shared a bed for quite some time, it would be next to impossible to separate them. So, if your best friend chooses to side with her husband in the “threesome”, will you feel comfortable sticking around when they get… mmm… lovey-dovey?
Lastly, if you choose not to tell even when armed with concrete evidence, what friend would you make of yourself? Will you be comfortable living with yourself and with the truth well within you?  I do not have a straight answer at this juncture.

Facts About Jubilee Party Come 2017 Polls

Once Sub-Sahara’s most successful economy, Kenya will have to ask itself a long-avoided question: What kind of Kenya should really exist? When President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy talked about restoring Kenya’s growth rate to a single digit, they in effect were confessing to a canonized 21st –century vision of using state resources to command respect. Today, a number Cabinet Secretaries are riddled with corrupt deals while they still fly the national flag on their official vehicles.

Source: State House Kenya via flickr
Whether Kenya re-emerges as a great economy may well be determined by Raila’s Cord campaign to revive its smart side. Kenya’s humiliating reliance on agriculture is like Noah’s Ark; all our ideas of survival and hope are pinned on it. That said, what portends of UhuRutto administration for all its inefficiencies? The following are sure recipes that would guarantee Jubilee’s onward dispatch to Limbo:
  •   CORD: If Raila Odinga opts to change tact for real, he should reveal all that he knows about Rutto’s fixation claim. He will surely have the DP on his camp, come 2017.
  • Marriage of Convenience: It is an open secret that president Uhuru Kenyatta and his tribesmen are willing to tolerate Rutto’s presence as long as the Rift Valley voting basket remains theirs to keep. However, the moment Uhuru decides to accommodate a clique of sycophants around him; Rutto will be out and running-and with it, the Rift Valley vote.
  •  Lost: Already, the teacher’s vote is lost and lost for good. Civil servants in various counties are receiving their monthly dues late-discontent is building up inside-its lead will catapult in 2017
  •    Impunity: Shameless legislators keep on whetting their appetite with hefty allowances and retirement benefits for themselves while the state says it has no enough money to pay teachers. Tension keep mounting
  •  Brain-drain:  Exodus of professionals wanting to go to other countries is overwhelming foreign embassies in Nairobi. Brain drain-you may call it. You only need to see the queue at the US embassy in order to appreciate the weight of this issue. You bet none of those in the queue will be wearing a smile; it is prayers and more prayers because for one, securing a visa to the US for instance,  is harder than trying to walk to heaven on foot. Phew! What kind of Kenya should really exist?
  • Raila Amolo Odinga: He should and must change tack. Odinga’s onslaught against Jubilee ought to be realistic and to the point. He should avoid the old jargon of kitendawili, ng’ev ng’ev or such other quips. Kenyans, lay and elites alike would really want to know what actually transpired to warrant the government to run broke.
  • The ICC Factor: If Raila and indeed anyone within the CORD fraternity can help to proof that the DP was actually fixed by his boss, then that would be a big plus to CORD-come 2017 political realignments.


Accepting this need and admitting that it requires joint action and responsibility from CORD; Raila Odinga would be going against the grain but in the direction of sense and sensibility. This and a vanquished Jubilee-on its way to political Limbo!