How To Rock And Be Safe On Stage

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When it comes to “bringing ‘em back alive” no one shines like celebrity singers. From the local car lot to ships at Sea, singers know how to bring live to their audiences from almost anywhere. Celebrities know that one effective way to differentiate them from the breath-taking competition is to be seen outside in the community. This often means performing from outside the traditional studio setting.

Stage Performance: Celebrity Vulnerability
That sensual dressing, raunchy dance gyrations, plus suggestive lyrics are perfect tag-lines for selling sex. This catalytic package, as some might argue seems to expose the performing icons to the adrenaline-charged or better still, testosterone-charged male enthusiasts. That said, another query begs; how much fan attention can be regarded as excessive? One of Kenya’s celebrated female singers-Avril did find herself on the receiving end during her performance at Maasai Mara University. Highly charged male fans not only fondled her butt but took selfies with it. “Gosh, Maasai Mara University students showed me things” Avril quipped. While speaking to Zuqka, she did admit that the Mara University incident was not an isolated one.
It is not uncommon to find one or two electrified fans jumping onto stage due to excitement. This is expected but it can easily turn nasty if it’s not handled well; more so if the celebrity artiste is a female. It is thus, incumbent upon the event organizers to provide adequate security around the performing artiste. For one, it is not easy to manage a huge crowd. Secondly, it is unbecoming to touch someone, especially during such open shows without their consent. For instance, a female singer might be engaged and is looking forward to their wedding. Avril is one example and she admits her fiancé really gets infuriated when fans opt to take advantage of the situation to touch her inappropriately. Had it not been his fiancé’s maturity, perhaps things might have turned otherwise.
Having been tutored on stage by her fan’s behaviour, Avril admitted to having learnt key survival techniques while on stage. She has learnt to talk and calm them down whenever the situation threatens to go out of hand. The Maasai Mara University incident springs forth the fact that female artistes are indeed vulnerable, more so while performing ‘live’ on stage.

  • ·         Beyonce: In her recent visit to Sweden, she found herself in a similar saga. While performing in Denmark Beyonce was forced to ward off one of the fans who slapped her butt while making advances. She had mingled with fans while pelting out her single ‘irreplaceable’. She reacted by warning the charged fan; “I’ll have you escorted out right now, alright?”

  • ·         Rihanna: Rihanna’s recent show in the UK was yet another scene of celebrity vulnerability on stage. It is reported that she had to use a microphone to smack one of the electrified fans who refused to let go of her hand. Rihanna was performing her hit song, ‘we found love’.

Female celebrities, irrespective of where they are asked to perform will at one time be faced with unruly adrenaline-charged fans. Some of these fans consider them object of their desires. A number of artistes interviewed acknowledge that fans will always want to demand beyond what is written on the entry ticket.

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