Beyonce’s Jay-Z Loves to Drive Exelero Coupe: She Loves Him Too

Source: Celebrity cars

A couple years ago, if you wanted a good beautiful car, you pretty much had to go with Mercedes or Lamborghini. Now, we are seeing compelling state-of-the art celebrity cars from various hardware makers.
Celebrities like to fancy-high priced cars in part because they can afford them, meaning they can tweak, customize or tailor their design architecture to suit their needs if they so desire.
However, celebrities cry too. The kind of insurance policies they get into often create a big dent in their pockets.

Every so often, celebrities would get rid of an old car and purchase a new one-making it difficult to keep trace of the number of cars they own.

Source: By Artamia (via flickr)

Beyonce’s man was spotted with Exelero Sports Coupe whose price tag reads $450,000 only! This holy terror carries a yearly premium of a little more than $11,000. Exclusivity price tag indeed.

Just like the rest of us, celebrities do acknowledge the significance of insuring their most treasured belongings.

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