Stephen: He Surely Will Knock Jubilee Into Limbo?

It has begun. It is just “mass voter registration” yet the political temperatures on the ground are fever-peak. August 8th, 2017 is seven months until elections; Kenyans are starting to see angry divisions between UhuRuto camp and their erstwhile opponents.


Isaac Ruto


The current governor of Bomet county-Isaac Ruto is the man NASA is banking on to help tilt the scales in the Jubilee backyard. He, in conjunction with Baringo senator, Mr. Gideon Moi have for the past four years locked horns with the deputy president. Gideon and Isaac are hoping to use their popularity at the grass root level to frustrate the deputy president.


Following the meeting of NASA luminaries led by Raila Odinga in Bomet on February 5th, 2017, Isaack Ruto did not mince words as to which camp he belongs. When it was his turn to address the well attended meeting in Bomet, Ruto vilified the ruling party accusing it of a myriad of ills.


Of course politics and governance is a recurrent age-old topic. The work of UhuRuto administration is different from the work of being re-elected. For many months now, political analysts have been crafting election models that attempt to predict the winner of August polls with little reference to campaigns.


Based on the voter registration campaign, both Jubilee and NASA views the mass turnout as a prelude to what’s going to happen in August come the whistle. The huge turnout in Bomet in favor of the pposition is a pointer that’s giving Jubilee sleepless nights. The Rift Valley vote is crucial when the so called yranny of numbers statistics comes in handy and that’s why any change in terms of political allegiance is enough to shape the politics of this country.


Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka


Kalonzo Musyoka, I dare say, is perhaps the best president that’s yet to rule, has never ruled or one that never ruled. He boasts of stellar political career compared to the present and past players in the political arena. However, Kalonzo’s political chess board seems to get blurred when it comes to transforming virtues into votes. For more than twice he has been overshadowed one time by former president Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga. In the last polls of 2013, he again compromised on behalf of Raila Odinga.


This time round, he seems to have made a resolve once and for all. He seems not ready to play second fiddle again. Kalonzo has many times and again-during the on-going voter registration campaign stated that all the other presidential aspirants in NASA ought to give him a chance this time round. Most Kenyans believe he deserves it rightly. However, the curtain will still have to fall down on “our person”, “my tribe” “mtu wetu” syndrome.


No matter what Kalonzo Musyoka’s game plan is, the tribal politics in this country will still prevail. Political scientists such as Mutahi Ngunyi have on many occasions stated categorically that it is the tyranny of numbers that win elections. Majority wins, simple and that’s what NASA pundits have to endure with.


In the event that Kalonzo is given the mantle to lead NASA as their preferred candidate, then there is reason for Jubilee to really get afraid. For many years, Kalonzo has endeared himself to Kenyans across the entire country. The virtues adorning his character have never been tainted. Most Kenyans know him as a born again Christian and a man who hates corruption.


If Kenyans choose to buy his credentials, it might translate into votes. This should haunt Jubilee as the clock ticks towards August 8th. However, if Raila Odinga (read Luo Nyanza) still believes he is the one to deliver victory, you bet it will be business as usual for UhuRuto’s tyranny of numbers- and state house may as well continue to just govern.

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